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The forecast confirms that the ethnic composition of the German population shows a stable trend of growth by immigrants from other countries. Accordingly, the market for foods preferred by such population groups also shows stable growth rates.

2035 leben acht Millionen Migranten mehr in Deutschland

Become self-employed! Now or never!

Being one's own boss; Deciding on one's own; Becoming self-employed; Yes or no? At some point, almost everyone faces this question.

There is no good or bad economic point of time for becoming self-employed – only a personal one. That's the time you decide yourself. It may be about a little more than earning money.

You are looking for a task that will challenge you and give your life purpose. Your "yes" to the Mix Markt OHG concept will not guarantee a life without worries, but it is one of the best ways of laying the foundations for one.

What do you know about the Mix Markt concept?

Every Mix Markt is an independently managed retail company in the form of an open trading company. The shareholders are one of the Monolith holdings (MBG) and a natural person as a partner on site. This way, many administrative processes can be made consistent and the OHG-partner can best develop the operative business on the market.

The four regional holding companies are:

Monolith Beteiligungsgesellschaft Süd mbH, Herrenberg (Southern German area)
Monolith Beteiligungsgesellschaft Mitte mbH, Leopoldshöhe (Central German area)
Monolith Beteiligungsgesellschaft Nord mbH, Hamburg (Northern German area)
Mix Markt Ost GmbH, Roth (East German area)
The individual independent Mix Markt partner will also profit from the success of Monolith group, the Mix Markts purchase at very good conditions due to their large order volume.

How does the concept work?

The Mix Markt concept is based on the cooperation of strong partners: Mix GmbH Lebensmittelhandel, the merchant who runs the Mix Markt as an equal partner, and the respective Monolith holding company of Monolith group.
Mix GmbH Lebensmittelhandel specifically chooses suitable stores in the best positions to create the basis for the Mix Markt as such. Selection is preceded by analysis of consumer and customer structures and a critical evaluation of the competitive situation. Only markets with a sales area of at least 400 to 700 m2 are chosen, where the wide-spread goods range can be placed and presented in the best way for the customers. If the markets also have a suitable number of parking places right in front of them, they correspond to the ideal site profile. Once a market promising success has been found, rented and handed over in turn-key condition, Mix GmbH Lebensmittelhandel will use its contacts to provide the furnishings and finally help with fitting out the market as such.
Next, there will be help in the form of provision of a high-performance sales and organisation concept and finally the most important service of Mix GmbH Lebensmittelhandel, i.e. the organisation of the goods flow. The partner profits of the purchasing benefits of Monolith group here, of which other merchants can only dream. The Mix Markt own brands extraordinarily distinguish the Mix Markt partners from their competitors on the market, and give them great price-political advantages. The partner will also profit from the strong logistic performance of Monolith group, since more than 60 percent of the goods are delivered by regional stores at a rhythm coordinated with the sales of the Mix Markt. This reduces the stock-keeping costs for the individual market.
The partner is responsible for independent management of the market. To keep the financial strain from swamping him particularly in the starting phase, the Monolith Beteiligungsgesellschaft responsible for his region will found an open trading company (Offene Handelsgesellschaft; OHG) with him to help bear the entrepreneurial risk. It makes the difficult financial starting phase easier for the partner with guarantees and loans that permit financing, e.g. of the furnishings for the Mix Markt, from sales shelves to state-of-the-art scanner cash registers to the butchery furnishings.
The OHG capital share of the Monolith holding in the Mix Markts is usually at 20 percent. Experience shows that a merchant can repay his loans entirely from profits within three to five years and form the first reserves.
The OHG partner will always receive the support of Mix GmbH Lebensmittelhandel to continually develop the site. It integrates him into a competitive sales strategy with professional community advertising, develops modern placement and sales promotion concepts, places country-wide image ads and provides experienced service employees who will not only technically support the market but also do some real work. Of course, the service offer of Mix GmbH Lebensmittelhandel also includes range consulting, operational consulting, help with revision, controlling, accounting and wage settlement. The partner is thus effectively relieved from the administrative and organisational work and can fully focus on selling goods and on his customers.
What the Mix-Markt system offers:

  • Founding advice
  • Site analysis, market analysis
  • Investment planning and financing support
  • Help with employing employees
  • Design and furnishings of the business operation
  • Placement of the range
  • Installing the goods management system
  • Creation of regional and over-regional advertising
  • Detailed operating manual for operational everyday work
  • Large customer acquisition
  • Control of shared purchasing and integration into the supplier system
  • Development of new products at low conditions under the own brand
  • Help with the individual organisation of events (sales promotion, lotteries, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Development of new sales methods for a wide year-round range and service offer
  • Continuous market research
  • Insurance medication
  • Maintenance and further development of the MIX MARKT Corporate Identity
  • General support of the partner by know-how transfer, exchange of experience, lectures, information service, targeted consulting and weakness analysis
  • Individual training and internship in a MIX MARKT
  • Comparison of operations
  • Accounting services
  • Regular consulting

Are you a suitable partner?
As for a conventional founding, you must bring the following prerequisites as an OHG partner:

  • Completed professional training as a merchant, best in food retail
  • Professional experience, best in a managing function as a market or department manager in a supermarket
  • Entrepreneurial initiative
  • Business management knowledge
  • Enthusiasm
  • Optimism
  • Flexibility
  • Dedication
  • Performance-orientation
  • Experience in employee management

What does it cost, how can I finance it and what can I earn?
We suggest: have a look at a Mix Markt. The store, the furnishings, the stock – all of these things are expensive. The business furnishings and goods alone will add up to approx. 200,000.00 € - to 400,000.00 €.
The holding will bear the higher risk, because the loans are secured via MONOLITH group. Ideally, you will contribute about 50,000.00 € to 100,000.00 € to the total capital to begin with. Your personal skill, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication are more important in this partnership than a lot of starting capital. The amount of your initial capital is subject to negotiation. In the end, you will want to know what you can earn.
Independently of the actual result situation, you will initially receive an "advance compensation" roughly at the amount of a market manager salary. The greatest part of the profit is to benefit the person who was essentially involved in the market's success through his entrepreneurial performance – that is you, and that is 80 percent of the profit. We will gladly show you specific figures from many Mix-Markts in a personal interview. You will see: it will pay off.
What now?
Now you probably want to learn more about the details and ask questions specifically about your personal situation.
Contact us via or
complete the application sheet and send it to us (postal address: MIX GmbH Lebensmittelhandel, Schwarzwaldstr.99, 71083 Herrenberg).

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