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Eastern European delicacies - this is Mix Markt

Mix Markt is a supermarket chain where you can buy Eastern European delicacies, in particular food. We offer our customers the most exquisite ethnic food: Ukrainian products, Polish delicacies and Romanian, Bulgarian, Moldovan and Russian cuisines. Each branch of the Mix Markt supermarket is worth a visit. Here, the buyer will find both familiar and beloved products, as well as new gastronomic impressions.

Eastern European national dishes, such as meat dumplings (pelmenies) and perogies (varenyky), are already known and popular in Italy. Stuffed with meat or potatoes, boiled products are closely related to the concept of Eastern European cuisine. In our assortment, you will find dumplings, as well as other delicacies of Slavic cuisine: sausage and other meat products, fish, pickles and jams, sweets and pastries, as well as soft and alcoholic beverages. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of products in our stores! Moreover, if you are new to ethnic food and traditional Eastern European cuisine, check out our recipes section. Among other things, you will find traditional recipes of Eastern European cuisine. The cuisine is diverse, nutritious and very, very tasty.

The Eastern European delicacies that we offer in our branches also include Romanian and Polish food. Polish cuisine has excellent meat dishes. Polish sausage is especially popular in Italy, so in our stores we offer a wide range of high-quality Polish sausages. In addition, in Mix Markt you will find Polish milk and Polish cheese products: Polish sour cream, cottage cheese, dairy cream, kefir and various cheeses, that are very popular among our customers. They are especially tasty and resemble homemade cheese and dairy products that cannot be purchased at an average supermarket. Fans of Romanian cuisine will find a large selection of Romanian sausages and other meat products in the Mix Markt assortment. Romanian meat products are captivating with a special taste: whether it is smoked or boiled sausages, lard, bacon belly or black pudding - they are all tasty and appetizing. Try unfamiliar delicacies of Eastern European cuisine and you will not regret it!

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