About us

Why the name Mix-Markt?

The naming 'Mix Markt' reflects our wide range of food and specialties from various Eastern European countries. Only Mix Markt offers such an outstanding variety of Eastern European ethnic food. We provide our customers with a well-assorted mix of Russian food, Polish specialties and Romanian products. In a Mix Markt you will find both, Russian pelmeni and Polish dairy products and Romanian sausage and meat products. Our range also includes fish products, dairy products, ice cream, variety of frozen foods, pasta, pickled vegetables, berry- and cereal products, beverages and alcoholic drinks. This is the unique feature of Mix Markt: There is something for every taste.
In Mix Markt our customers will find all they need for daily life: Not only food, but also drugstore and household supply. Everyday items, that we offer in our markets, include cooking utensils and Russian typical cooking aids, cosmetics, and gift items.

Mix Markt: Simply different!

The success of Mix Markt is founded on a mixture of own brands and labels, close cooperation with reliable suppliers in Germany and abroad, a uniform pricing and continuous training of our employees. On this basis, we are constantly expanding our concept and strengthening sustainably.

Mix Markt: What you should know about us

Since 1997, Mix markets have been selling Eastern European ethnic food. Today, we are the leading retail market selling international products throughout Europe, operating 373 branches in Germany and Europe.

What you can buy at Mix Markt

Our assortment includes variety of Eastern European specialties. These include in particular Russian food, Polish specialties and Romanian food. If you are curious to taste Russian national dishes, specialties of Polish cuisine or Transylvanian delicacies, just have a visit to one of our markets.

What is the Mini Mix Markt?

As the name suggests, a Mini Mix Markt is a rather small market. These do not provide the full assortment of products, however, you will find the most important Russian specialties, which are an integral part of Russian cuisine. Also, even the Mini Mix Markt offers some selected range of Polish foods, such as Polish sausage.


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