Über Uns

Why the name Mix-Markt?

The name reflects the wide range of foods and specialties from many countries. The name Mix-Markt was also chosen because our customers will find anything here that they need for daily life: foods and household goods.

History / About Us

The first mix market opened in 1997 in OERLINGHAUSEN, Lippe district of North Rhine Westphalia. Just two years later, there are ten stores that generate a more modest turnover of around five million euros. Five years after its founding, the turnover has increased tenfold in 40 branches to almost 55 million euros. Today, there are 164 branches in Germany, in which about 400 M Euro are achieved.

The company supplies the markets of the Monolith group that can produce most of the goods in Germany. In the mix markets are up to sixty percent of the goods monolithic group.


Schwäbische Zeitung 08.05.2017