Mix Markt stores near you

Would you like to buy Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Moldavian delicacies? Visit one of our Mix Markt stores and discover the diversity of Eastern European ethnic food.

How to find the nearest Mix Markt store?

To find the nearest store, enter your zip code in the search, or select a city. Determine the radius and click on “search”. You will see a list of Mix Markt stores in your city or in your immediate surroundings. Select a store and you will be taken to the corresponding Mix Markt page. Here you will find the exact location of the store, as well as current special offers and discounts. Here you can order brochures with current promotions and discounts, which you will receive regularly by mail.

Mix Markt, Faenza (RA)

Mix Markt, Faenza (RA)
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