Chocolate and sweets

East European sweets: candies, chocolate and marshmallows

A taste familiar from childhood - this is how Eastern Europeans would describe sweets they ate at a tender age. These delicacies exist up to now!

East European sweets are something special: chocolates, caramel, candy bars, waffles, marshmallows ... The choice of ethnic sweets is surprisingly great! A large pastry department in each Mix Markt branch testifies to this.

East-European sweets: waffles, cookies, gingerbread

In addition to chocolate and sweets, there are other tasty sweets in Eastern Europe. For example, gingerbread is the sweet honey pastries with different fillers and sprinkles such as mint glaze, caramel, condensed milk, etc. Chocolate waffles, crispy oatmeal cookies and lots of sweets from different kinds of nuts. Be sure to try the halvah - a dessert of Arabic origin from sunflower seeds.