Our history

MONOLITH Italia Nord S.r.l. is the official representative of the international group of enterprises MONOLITH in Italy. The correct geographical location of two large logistics bases (near Naples and Verona), the total size of the warehouse space is 7000 square meters, a large fleet of specially equipped vehicles and qualified staff and sales representatives allow us to deliver products throughout Italy.

Currently, the number of our stable customers is more than 700 markets and stores.

The company is constantly studying consumer demand and steadily expanding the range of products. Due to this, the number of clients is constantly growing, their geography is expanding.

An exclusive range covers about 2000 items and offers a wide selection of products from the best ukrainian, polish, romanian, moldavian, bulgarian and russian manufacturers. Among them are dairy, sausage and fish products, grocery products, canned goods, confectionery and bakery products, a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Thus, we can meet the high demands of our consumers, who are mainly immigrants from former CIS countries and Eastern European countries, who continue to honor the traditions of their homeland.

Today MONOLITH Italia Nord S.r.l. can rightly be called one of the best commercial structures in Italy engaged in the wholesale trade of ethnic goods of the food group of Eastern European countries.

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