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Why did we call the shop Mix Markt?

The name Mix Markt reflects a wide range of food products from different Eastern European countries. Only Mix Markt stores offer an extremely rich assortment of Eastern European ethnic foods. We offer a thoughtful mix of ukrainian, polish, romanian, moldovan, bulgarian and russian manufacturers. In the Mix Markt store you will find both Russian meat dumplings and Polish dairy products, as well as Romanian sausages. Our product range also includes fish products, dairy products, ice cream, various frozen products, pasta, pickles, dried fruits and grains, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, and much more. Mix Markt Assortment Feature is in every store you will find a delicacy for every taste. The name "Mix Markt" also displays a variety of products belonging to everyday life - perfume and haberdashery, pharmaceutical products, as well as household goods. These products include kitchenware, beauty products and gift items.

Mix Markt: concept.

We were able to develop and successfully implement our concept through the sale of goods under our own brands, cooperation with the best local and foreign suppliers, a common pricing policy and continuous training of our staff. On this basis, we constantly expand and strengthen our concept.

Mix Markt: About Us

Since 1997, Mix Markt stores have been selling Eastern European delicacies and ethnic products. Currently, Mix Markt is a leader in the sale of international products throughout Europe, and has 295 branches in Italy and Europe.

What can you buy at the Mix Markt store?

Our assortment includes Eastern European delicacies. Among these are, in particular, products of ukrainian cuisine as well as polish, bulgarian, romanian and russian delicacies. If you would like to try typical Eastern European dishes, we suggest you visit one of our branches.

What is a Mini-Mix Markt?

What is a Mini-Mix Markt?

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